Editorial – Four

This is my forth final editorial piece based on an article written by Will Self. It revolves around the idea of the influx of families visiting Las Vegas and the city being a strange meld of families and gamblers etc.

This time we had to direct each other as in to which idea to finalise and whatever the other people chose you had to stick with. My group picked my idea of a neon casino sign of a baby in a simular pose to a well known sign. I did some research and i found a casino called ‘Glitter Gulch’ which is a ‘gentleman’s club’. I found it a bit strange and fitting to the article because it’s located next to a casino and also a gift shop. The idea of families walking about round here and seedy men coming in and out of there seem’s comical and weird at the same time. So i based the  illustration around the clubs sign, just trying to catch a bit of humour and oddness much like the article itself.


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