Editorial One – Revisited

So as I mentioned when i posted my first editorial piece I didn’t feel as though i’d captured the essence of the article. So I went back to it with a fresh idea that i thought was a lot more intriguing and added to the article hopefully.

So my new idea was to have a figure holding a renaissance type of mask made of peacock feathers. Here’s the initial idea i had.


But i began again since i wasn’t too keen on the clean block colour look so i decided to paint it using broad strokes to create an interesting a painterly look. I then proceeded to develop the image even further and drop the mask and have the figure surrounded and coated in simular colours and textures of a peacocks feathers. A sort of elaborate mask to cover her true self.


Here’s what it looks like in context too.


I also aimed throughout every editorial piece to finish a high quality piece within one day/evening since i may need to work at this speed for actual commissioned work. I struggled to work fast last year but this year i’m managing to hit the official deadlines and my own so far. Which can only be a good thing!


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