Pocky – Process

So here’s how i created my Pocky advertisement along with the final version of the piece. I’ll begin with were i gained my ideas from and for this piece i mainly took inspiration from James Whale’s 1931 Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein (1935). Boris Karloff is the most well known interpretation of Frankensteins monster and i really felt as though it was most fitting to use for an advertisement since its widely recognised. I also based Dr. Frankenstein on Colin Clive since i wasn’t too keen on doing a stereotypical mad scientist and his looks are far more interesting in my opinion. Along with replacing the assistant on the brief with Frankensteins bride to add some variation in sexes and she’s an interesting looking character too.


So with the layout already done for us pretty much i set out drawing a few small changes that wouldn’t break the guidelines of the brief and settled on one. I decided i wanted to give it an interesting and attention grabbing colour palette. So i searched around for the posters for the film amongst other such styles like pulp book cover designs. Going for a oranges and blues in the end.


Now from my last post i made some changes to the text and other smaller changes like creating the border and other effects to give it that old print feel. Overall i’m quite happy with it.

Here’s the final image.



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