FMP – Mood Board

So i’ve been working on the most important project of my artistic life so far, since this is the unit i’ll have the rest the academic year to produce . It’s also an opportunity to create a solid portfolio of work to show various different studio’s.

My idea is basically to take Shakespeares Antony and Cleopatra play and use it as a base of inspiration to create concept designs for the various and characters, cultures and civilisations. But i will be basing it all in the near future were technology and world population has grown but not so far into the future that we have the capabilities to travel outside our own galaxy.

So the first steps i’ve taken so far are to read the play and create a mood board to get a feel of were i want to take it. Here’s the segements of mood board…

FMPRef_01 FMPRef_02 FMPRef_03 FMPRef_09 FMPRef_08 FMPRef_07 FMPRef_06 FMPRef_05 FMPRef_04


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