I produced this illustration for a competition for Palmer Hargreaves.



So as I mentioned when i posted my first editorial piece I didn’t feel as though i’d captured the essence of the article. So I went back to it with a fresh idea that i thought was a lot more intriguing and added to the article hopefully.

So my new idea was to have a figure holding a renaissance type of mask made of peacock feathers. Here’s the initial idea i had.


But i began again since i wasn’t too keen on the clean block colour look so i decided to paint it using broad strokes to create an interesting a painterly look. I then proceeded to develop the image even further and drop the mask and have the figure surrounded and coated in simular colours and textures of a peacocks feathers. A sort of elaborate mask to cover her true self.


Here’s what it looks like in context too.


I also aimed throughout every editorial piece to finish a high quality piece within one day/evening since i may need to work at this speed for actual commissioned work. I struggled to work fast last year but this year i’m managing to hit the official deadlines and my own so far. Which can only be a good thing!

So here’s my fifth and final editorial which was rather different this time since it was a cover for the ‘The Literary View’ magazine. My initial idea was to have little creatures of some kind creating the book but as i started to create the image and i kind of thought it looks much more suitable for the audience its aimed at without them. I later chopped the book up into segments to make it appear as though it’s been assembled with a variety of different books or segments like its been chopped and changed.


So I’ve finally finished my Pocky advertisement piece sort of, need to go back and add a few things and i’m unsure about the text so thats going to get some further development. I’m not going to go into a lot detail on the process of creating this image at the moment cause it was pretty extensive. So i’ll be posting a large thread on how i developed it from the research aspect to the actual image creation. Really like it though and enjoyed creating it, paintings getting more and more fun.


This is my forth final editorial piece based on an article written by Will Self. It revolves around the idea of the influx of families visiting Las Vegas and the city being a strange meld of families and gamblers etc.

This time we had to direct each other as in to which idea to finalise and whatever the other people chose you had to stick with. My group picked my idea of a neon casino sign of a baby in a simular pose to a well known sign. I did some research and i found a casino called ‘Glitter Gulch’ which is a ‘gentleman’s club’. I found it a bit strange and fitting to the article because it’s located next to a casino and also a gift shop. The idea of families walking about round here and seedy men coming in and out of there seem’s comical and weird at the same time. So i based the  illustration around the clubs sign, just trying to catch a bit of humour and oddness much like the article itself.

Here’s my third editorial which is based around becoming more prone to illness when going on holiday due to your immune system laying down it’s guard because you’re in a less stressful situation than a working environment. My idea’s pretty straight forward and hopefully easily readable and gets the point across.